Judson Association

The Judson Women's annual Toy Harvest was a big success! With representatives from 10 churches, we met at the Community Baptist Church in Medford and Pastor Brenda Bennett and several members of the church served a delicious brunch that included "Baptist Mimosas.” Many people shared information about events that were happening at their churches and ideas for future projects were discussed. The focus of the day was on learning about the needs of the incarcerated and their families. One of the speakers was the Rev. Susan J. Morrison, UM Minister and a faculty member of the BU School of Theology. She spoke about some new ideas for preventing incarceration of young people and social justice in general. Val Harris, Workforce Development manager, at the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department, spoke about how his department prepares inmates for reentry into society. Both speakers gave a lot of insight into our prison system and suggested many ways that it can be improved. The toys and gift certificates that were collected were given to the Middlesex House of Correction in Billerica and will be distributed to the children of the people who are incarcerated in that facility. The Judson Women were invited to participate in the wrapping of the gifts at the prison. The annual meeting of the Judson Women will be held at the Medford First Baptist Church in the spring

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